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Self-Esteem Coaching
By Tessie Lim

A Group Workshop for Actualizing your Highest and Best Self

This workshop aims to quickly and effectively raise your spirit and your morale. This workshop serves to remind and reconnect you to your inner resourcefulness (The Source) and to move you from being "at the effect of," or from taking ...

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Train the Trainer
Executive Influence Engagement &Presentation

Traditionally COACHES are used to MOVE people from point A to point B

Coaching is a system that holds the client ACCOUNTABLE to their goals and objectives. Coaching is SUPERVISED professional development that is time-bound and outcome-oriented, without the telling and directing...

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Executive Coaching
A Coaching Culture for Professional Excellence

Events for Empowering Executives

TBuilding Self-Awareness, Developing Constructive Thinking & Behaving Styles. Developing Professional Communication Skills for Effective Leadership...

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Leadership Idendity
Trainings | Workshops | Coaching & Mentoring

Begins with training Self-Awareness & State Management. Understanding human thinking and doing A highly experiential learning of applied skills and competence

Leader v Manager. Types of leadership. Values & Purpose...

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