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Self-Esteem Coaching
By Tessie Lim

A Group Workshop for Actualizing your Highest and Best Self
This workshop aims to quickly and effectively raise your spirit and your morale. This workshop serves to remind and reconnect you to your inner resourcefulness (The Source) and to move you from being "at the effect of," or from taking the victim position, to being "at cause" that is to becoming the designer of your own destiny.

In the 3 hours that we spend together, we will understand Self-Esteem and how it's different from Self-Confidence. We will put in place a belief system that enables your Self-Esteeem to remain at 100% no matter what the external or extenuating circumstances are. We will train the behaviours so that we embody this trait and become a light for others who are in need of support. Be a blessing! Fell inner peace!

So come and learn how to take back your personal power. Learn how to set healthy boundaries. Learn the language and thought patterns of an achiever. What does this do for you? It will help you build and improve your relationships with your loved ones. You will learn "how to see" in ways that keeps you in a space of possibility, optimism, and gratefulness.

Follow up Sesions (Fortnightly)
After 1st workshop, we proceed with Group Coaching - where participants bring their issues and we discuss them as a goup. These are solution-focused conversations that bring about relief, forward movement, and progress to the participant in their individual areas of challenge.

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