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Train the Trainer
Executive Influence Engagement &Presentation

Developing Gravitas. Executive Presence

Advanced Leadership Communication Training

Learning Outcomes
Deliverables Tracked & Measured

  • Presentation
  • Group Management
  • Performance under Pressure
  • Solution-focused Leadership
  • Values & Identity Gravitas
  • Executive Presence
  • Personal Brand & Professional Image
  • Influence Persuasion Negotiation
  • Business Protocol
  • Managing Tough Conversations

Actualizing Excellence

Training & Coaching
for sustainable results

1-day Training Option

Begins with training Self-Awareness & State Management

Understanding human thinking and doing A highly experiential learning of applied skills and competence

Leader v Manager. Types of leadership. Values & Purpose

Modular learning may be added up for completion of program.

Upon completion, certification available from the Global Association of Applied Neuro-Synergy GAANS

Progress Tracked & Measured
Start Assessment Gap End Point.
Gap managed with Coaching & Mentoring

Knowing & Doing are not enough. We must BE

Immersive. Interactive. Integrated. Transformational

3-day Training Option

  • State Management
  • Stage Presence
  • Rapport
  • Engagement
  • Setting the Vision
  • Your Leadership Style
  • Leadership Language
  • Embodying leadership
  • Achieving outcomes as a leader

3 + 2 contact days [Full Training]

All learning modules covered.

Workbook provided.

Includes Email & Phone support.

[5x] 30min sessions Breakthrough Coaching (worth @RM350)

Tracking and Benchmarking progress. Before and After reports.

Recordings of presentations for reference.

Your Investment

RM 900 per day per person

3 options: [1] RM 900 [2] RM 2700 [3] 4500

Option [3] is worth RM (4500 + coaching @$350 x 5sessions) = RM 6250

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