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Tessie Lim is a weekly columnist for The Sunday Times, Sunday People publication. (

Tessie Lim is often approached to assist in community development projects, for which she does pro bono work. Most of these concern women and children. She has served The Malaysian Red Crescent Society and the Society for the Severely Mentally Handicapped, in the capacity of their Fund Raising Chairman. Tessie Lim is a well-traveled, well – connected and experienced corporate figure. She is often quoted in the media on her views about socio-economic issues as well as for her tips on style, grooming and work/life balance. It is her involvement in many and diverse areas such as community service and charitable projects, entrepreneurial and leadership development, good neighborliness campaigns, hobby and lifestyle events that give Tessie Lim her edge, versatility and passion in doing what she does.

With regard to serving the larger community of business and industry, Tessie Lim is on the board of the Malaysia – Australia Business Council MABC.

She participates as Exco member and Chair of Communication, Media Relations and PR.

Malaysian Australia Business Council
August 2013, Byline

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