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About Company

Tessie Lim is the Founder & CEO of World Center of Personal Excellence (WPX) Sdn Bhd (726502V)

As knowledge work relentlessly replaces manual work, we are witness to perhaps, the most meritocratic workplace environment in history. “Efficient company” is now “Learning organization.” Perspective is shifting from labour to knowledge; from management to leadership; from product to consumer and service; from routine operation to inspired creativity; from task repetition to marketing and brand innovation.

The basis of reward is shifting from an emphasis on effort to a focus on results. Outcome, not input, now attracts rewards.

Business… work – life now, demands a fresh dexterity. To be successful, executives must embrace self – development and learning. At a time when organizations can no longer guarantee, “Work – for – life,” individuals must make “Learning – for – life” their model for success.

Vision, Mission & Values

WPX is a company Tessie Lim set up for the purpose of enabling and driving dreams through facilitating and realizing potential, defining purpose and meaning for an optimal life. The company is founded on the belief that personal development and personal excellence is brought about by a firm understanding of self i.e. self-awareness is the key to creating self-confidence and self-esteem. By facilitating a process of self-discovery, the focus is to uncover internal and external resources, cultivate ego strength and mental clarity, so that clients are well placed to respond to life and to create their best life.

Organizations engage us to facilitate executives, managers and teams to:

  • Gain confidence and upgrade performance in their workplace roles
  • Minimize costs and increase retention through ideal job and role fit
  • Lead sustainable growth and change
  • Secure talent through career planning
  • Nurture and develop leaders
  • Increase profitability through influencing, negotiating and selling skills
  • Foster authentic conversations and partnerships
  • Empower self and others through coaching and mentoring skills
  • Create and lead cohesive and creative teams
  • Break through limiting behaviors to achieve optimal performance
  • Reduce stress and friction within individuals and teams

Tessie Lim

  • Entrepreneur / Peak Performance Coach
  • Business Development Consultant / Mentor
  • Speaker / Writer / Presenter
  • Inspiring the courage, confidence, and freedom to live your best life
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Individuals engage us to:

  • Strengthen self esteem and self confidence
  • Explore creativity, passion and fulfillment
  • Build sustainable and authentic relationships
  • Develop real and honest communication and self expression
  • Discover the keys to work-life balance and stress management
  • Break through stubborn habits that hinder progress
  • Increase income and make a career or job change
  • Reduce debt and sabotaging money habits
  • Achieve and sustain fitness, vitality and healthy body weight
  • Contribute to creating a sustainable society

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