To Inspire the Courage Confidence and Freedom to Live our Best Life


About Tessie Lim

Tessie Lim is the Founder of World Center of Personal Excellence, a company she set up for the purpose of enabling and driving dreams.

Through facilitating the realizing of potential, by defining purpose, and upgrading meanings for an optimal life.

Tessie Lim works to inspire courage, confidence, and freedom so that we live our best life. Inspiring courage as opposed to living in fear, expressing confidence as opposed to playing small and selling ourselves short, and freedom breaking free from our past, our limitations, our conditioning’s, our comfort zones, our outdated and toxic beliefs.

Fear, playing small manifests in our behavior. We sell ourselves short. We settle for less than what we’re worth. This happens when we forget who we really are. Our culturing, our upbringing can easily de – genius us if we fall into the trap of thinking we are what we do, what we own, what other people think of us.

We fear when we live to gain approval. We fear when we imitate. We fear when we think we cannot fail and must always be right. We fear when we fail to realize we have choice. We fear when we forget we are free to be exactly who we really are.

Tessie Lim the company, is founded on the belief that personal excellence is brought about by a firm understanding of self i.e. self-awareness is the key to creating self-confidence and self-esteem. By facilitating a process of self-discovery, Tessie Lim works to uncover internal and external resources, cultivate ego strength and mental clarity, so that her clients are well placed to respond to life and to create their best life.

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